Sage counsel™ cuts off many foes.

after William Shakespeare, HENRY VI, PART I: ACT III, SCENE I

It’s a real coup when that sage counsel is also passionate about helping resolve your legal issues with expertise, dignity and grace.

The law is frequently complex, but de Villars Jones believes that it shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating. We work to make the law understandable and a tool to get the results you need---whether that’s planning your estate, finding common ground through mediation, dealing with administrative law issues, representing you in court, and many things in between.

de Villars Jones was formed in 1988, when Anne de Villars and David Jones decided they wanted more flexibility in their work, and the freedom to practise law on their own terms. They believed then—as they do now—in the value of excellence, attention to detail, client service … and the fortifying power of a cup of tea. Although the firm has grown over the years, these values continue to define us.

You might find our approach a little different than others: we look for solutions before we look for battles (although we most definitely do know how to litigate!); we seek to understand before we offer advice; and we pay attention to what’s important to you in your particular legal situation.