Our lawyers regularly write papers and make presentations.
You can find some of the recent ones here.

Death & Dower: How Dower and a Family Maintenance and Support Claim Interact

Dower is a property right that vests upon the death of the owning spouse. Frequently, dower rights are coming into play during a family maintenance and support claim.  This paper looks at how dower is valued and how it interacts with a family maintenance and support claim. This paper is the subject of a presentation […]

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A Useable Past: The Alberta Government’s Use of Heritage During Times of Celebration

The creation of a founding myth during times of celebration enabled the Alberta government to use heritage for its contemporary agenda. Although the myth was intended to be unifying, various divisions emerged such as a hinterland/metropolis dichotomy and a north/south divide. Combining the pioneering heritage with culture, the provincial government recognized the juxtaposition of the […]

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