Our lawyers regularly write papers and make presentations.
You can find some of the recent ones here.

Trach v Sorenson (Re Johnson Estate) Case Commentary

This case involved a minor child’s mother bringing an application against the child’s father’s estate for family maintenance and support outside of the six month limitation period.  The decision gives guidance to those bringing such applications including what evidence is needed.

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Death & Dower: How Dower and a Family Maintenance and Support Claim Interact

Dower is a property right that vests upon the death of the owning spouse. Frequently, dower rights are coming into play during a family maintenance and support claim.  This paper looks at how dower is valued and how it interacts with a family maintenance and support claim. This paper is the subject of a presentation […]

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A Useable Past: The Alberta Government’s Use of Heritage During Times of Celebration

The creation of a founding myth during times of celebration enabled the Alberta government to use heritage for its contemporary agenda. Although the myth was intended to be unifying, various divisions emerged such as a hinterland/metropolis dichotomy and a north/south divide. Combining the pioneering heritage with culture, the provincial government recognized the juxtaposition of the […]

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