Our lawyers regularly write papers and make presentations.
You can find some of the recent ones here.

Administrative Law Year in Review 2020

In December 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its much-anticipated decisions in the “trilogy” dealing with the scope of judicial review and the standard of review.2 These cases reformulated how standards of review are to be determined in both applications for judicial review and in statutory appeals. Other important administrative law decisions involve standing, […]

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Some Initial Talking Points About Vavilov

Some of David Phillip Jones, Q.C.’s initial points about the SCC decision in Vavilov.   This paper was delivered to the CBA North Administrative Law Section in May 2020.

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Trach v Sorenson (Re Johnson Estate) Case Commentary

This case involved a minor child’s mother bringing an application against the child’s father’s estate for family maintenance and support outside of the six month limitation period.  The decision gives guidance to those bringing such applications including what evidence is needed.

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