Our lawyers regularly write papers and make presentations.
You can find some of the recent ones here.

Rectification and Validation of Wills and Codicils

The Wills and Succession Act introduced major changes to the law in Alberta with respect to the authority of the courts to validate wills or gifts which would have failed under our former legislation and to rectify errors. This paper will examine our new legislation and some of the court decisions which have considered them. We will also […]

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For Mercy’s Sake: Principles of Family Maintenance and Support in the 20 years since Tataryn

The purpose of this paper is to identify and review the principles guiding family maintenance and support (FMS) applications in Alberta. It will take a brief look at the history of FMS legislation and outline the general principles that apply to all applications for FMS in Alberta as extracted from the relevant legislation and case law. […]

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2014: Recent Developments in Administrative Law

Mr. Justice Stratas of the Federal Court of Appeal recently described administrative law as a machine that … has many moving parts, the interrelationship of which often is not understood…. And the role of courts in administrative law as … mediat[ing] the clashes by applying doctrines founded upon decades of well-considered solutions to practical problems – […]

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