Our lawyers regularly write papers and make presentations.
You can find some of the recent ones here.

Death & Dower: How Dower and a Family Maintenance and Support Claim Interact

Dower is a property right that vests upon the death of the owning spouse. Frequently, dower rights are coming into play during a family maintenance and support claim.  This paper looks at how dower is valued and how it interacts with a family maintenance and support claim. This paper is the subject of a presentation […]

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Some Thoughts on Essential Concepts for Re-thinking Standards of Review in Administrative Law

Essential concepts in reviewing the nature and scope of judicial review 1. What is the purpose of judicial review? 2. Recognition of the sources of the courts’ authority to review decisions or actions by statutory delegates 3. The distinction between grounds for review and standards of review 4. What is the justification for deference? 5. What […]

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Administrative Law in 2017 Part II – Two Additional Cases

In addition to the cases noted in my annual paper, the following very recent decisions also deserve comment: 1. Garneau Community League v. Edmonton (City)—Capilano (Round Two) 2. Barreau du Québec v. Quebec (Attorney General)

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