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Administrative Law in 2016 Part II – An Additional Case

In addition to the cases noted in Part I of my annual paper, the following very recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada also deserves comment. Edmonton (City) v. Edmonton East (Capilano) Shopping Centres Limited 2016 SCC 47 On 4 November 2016, a sharply divided five-to-four Supreme Court of Canada issued its decision in Edmonton (City) v. […]

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2016: Recent Developments in Administrative Law

The most interesting administrative law decisions of the past year once again highlight the increasingly complex standards of review analysis and the disagreement amongst the judiciary about which standards apply and how to apply them. Other important decisions involve the law governing solicitor-client privilege and the Charter, and areas such as procedural fairness and standing […]

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2015: Recent Developments in Administrative Law

Although there haven’t been any seismic shifts in administrative law this past year, there have been quite a few decisions which are worthy of note. Many of these decisions continue to work out how to determine—and apply—the applicable standard of review. Others involve procedural fairness, standing, multiple forums and a host of other miscellaneous issues. In many of these […]

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