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2013: Recent Developments in Administrative Law

The past year has once again seen a considerable number of decisions which highlight the complexities of administrative law. The most noteworthy decisions are three decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada—one dealing with standards of review, one dealing with reasons, and one dealing with multiple forums and issue estoppel. Of course, issues such as […]

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2012: Recent Developments in Administrative Law

The past year has seen a considerable number of administrative law decisions. Most of the significant decisions have come in the area of standards of review, a concept which is continuing to attract judges’ attention, discussion and disagreement. Another important development is whether a delegate’s requirement to give reasons for its decision is a stand-alone […]

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A Useable Past: The Alberta Government’s Use of Heritage During Times of Celebration

The creation of a founding myth during times of celebration enabled the Alberta government to use heritage for its contemporary agenda. Although the myth was intended to be unifying, various divisions emerged such as a hinterland/metropolis dichotomy and a north/south divide. Combining the pioneering heritage with culture, the provincial government recognized the juxtaposition of the […]

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