Principles of Administrative Law is the first text of its kind in Canada; an organized dissertation firmly anchored in the context of public law in a conceptual manner.

The idea for the book first took place while David Phillip Jones was teaching at McGill University and the University of Alberta in the field of administrative law and he discovered a strong need for a unified text uniting the various areas of administrative law into one easily-accessible whole.

Consistently cited with approval at all levels of the judicial system including the Supreme Court of Canada, The Principles of Administrative Law captures David’s lectures and expands on them with a strong emphasis on the law in Alberta. The second and subsequent editions of the book include assistance and contributions from members of the bar.

All royalties from The Principles of Administrative Law go to fund the Jones & de Villars Prize in Administrative Law, an award received annually by the student who best exemplifies superior achievement in the field of Administrative Law at the University of Alberta.

*the 7th edition of “Principles of Administrative Law” is now available

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