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It’s a real coup when sage counsel is also passionate about helping

resolve your legal issues with expertise, dignity and grace.

The law is frequently complex, but de Villars Jones believes that it shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating. We work to make the law understandable and a tool to get the results you need—whether that’s planning your estate, finding common ground through mediation, dealing with administrative law issues, representing you in court, and many things in between.

de Villars Jones was formed in 1988, when Anne de Villars and David Jones decided they wanted more flexibility in their work, and the freedom to practise law on their own terms. They believed then—as they do now—in the value of excellence, attention to detail, client service … and the fortifying power of a cup of tea. Although the firm has grown over the years, these values continue to define us.

You might find our approach a little different than others: we look for solutions before we look for battles (although we most definitely do know how to litigate!); we seek to understand before we offer advice; and we pay attention to what’s important to you in your particular legal situation.

Sage counsel™ cuts off many foes.

after William Shakespeare, HENRY VI, PART I: ACT III, SCENE I

Estate Administration

Dealing with an estate is a significant responsibility—often far more than a person imagines when agreeing to be an executor (also known as a “personal representative”). This responsibility is even more difficult while coping with the loss of a loved one. 

Estate Planning

Estate Planning involves preparing wills, trusts, enduring powers of attorney, and personal directives. We appreciate that many circumstances are unique, and some are sensitive.

Estate Litigation

Enduring a contested estate, or other conflicts regarding estates, are among the most stressful times that our clients face. The conflicts often feel personal, and they are almost always complex. There are times when differences arising in an estate cannot be resolved yourself. 

Estate Mediation

When there is a dispute over an estate, we look first to mediation as a way to resolve contentious issues (but also understand that sometimes a judge needs to sort things out). Our approach is always to try dialogue and peaceful mediation before turning to the costly and often divisive option of having the court decide.

Real Estate

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a veteran of the real estate scene, de Villars Jones can assist you with what is often considered to be one of the most significant transactions of your life.  Our residential real estate team will ensure all conditions are met for a smooth closing. 


Arbitration is another alternative to resolving disputes in a courtroom. Arbitration is a more formal process than mediation where those involved present their case to a neutral third party – the arbitrator – who makes the final and binding decision. It is usually faster, private and less expensive than litigation.

Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship

When an adult is unable to make decisions about their own personal or financial affairs, another person must assume these responsibilities.  If documents that set out the adult’s personal and financial instructions (such as a personal directive or enduring power of attorney) have not yet been prepared, an application to the court is required in order to appoint someone as decision-maker on the adult’s behalf.  

Administrative Law

de Villars Jones wrote the book on administrative law… quite literally! David Jones and Anne de Villars first published Principles of Administrative Law in 1985, which has been regularly updated and is now in its 7th edition.

Corporate Law

Our small and medium-sized business clients operate across many industries, such as retail, hospitality, food services, construction, professional services, distribution, and transportation. Many are family-owned and operated businesses.


A solution you choose is always preferable to one that is imposed on you. This is the belief that underlies our strong focus on mediation, where the people involved have mutual control of their situation and find their own solutions.

Point of Law Litigation

“Point of Law Litigation” involves cases where the facts are not really in dispute, but there is an issue about the legal rule which applies to the case and whether an appeal can take place. Because of our firm’s academic strength over a wide range of legal areas, lawyers at de Villars Jones are regularly involved in these types of cases, and often receive referrals from other law firms.

Recent Papers and Presentations

Textbook, 7th Edition

Principles of Administrative Law

By David Phillip Jones, KC and Anne S. de Villars, KC

Principles of Administrative Law is the first text of its kind in Canada; an organized dissertation firmly anchored in the context of public law in a conceptual manner.