Our Lawyers

Every legal issue has a human face. And so do we. Click through to meet our lawyers.

David Phillip Jones, K.C.

Anne S. de Villars, K.C.

Victoria A. Jones

Roberto De Luca

Alyssa Baker

Henry Chase

Henry Chase Jones joined de Villars Jones at the end of 2023.

Chase is still learning the ropes left him by his canine predecessor T. Cromwell Jones.

Chase will never say no to sharing your snack but he is far more interested in an ear scritch.

Chase assists clients by sitting in their lap for cuddles while they work through their legal matters with the human team at de Villars Jones. When he isn’t in client meetings, he supervises Victoria from his preferred perch on her desk.

Chase will happily give you a tour of the office as long as it starts with you throwing his ball down the hall.