Our Lawyers

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David Phillip Jones, K.C.

Anne S. de Villars, K.C.

Victoria A. Jones

T. Cromwell Jones

June 2006 – December 2022

T. Cromwell Jones joined de Villars Jones late in 2014.

Named for a distinguished historical lawyer (not the recent Supreme Court of Canada judge), Cromwell continues to uphold the values of de Villars Jones without losing his head. Unless he notices a neglected treat.

Cromwell’s main responsibility is to attend client meetings where he has been described as “an excellent listener” and “a deep thinker”.  He is particularly helpful to Anne’s mediation practice, though he apologizes for his occasional snoring.

Cromwell keeps a watchful eye on any kitchen interactions and will gladly help you finish that piece of cheese you’re snacking on.

The magpies hate him but he’s too deaf to hear them caw at him.

An aloof elderly gentleman, he will generally ignore everyone – unless you commit the cardinal sin of leaving the room without him.